Coaching: Reflective Learning

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One of the key methods that we can use to embed learning as adults is through the art of reflection. How often do you reflect on something that has gone well?

In my experience the answer for most of us is “not often”, but we’ll spend hours ruminating over something that’s not gone so well and may be troubling us.

A very simple technique that I was taught to use…

…as a Coach and now use with my clients is Reflective Learning…

  • what happened and why do I think it happened in that way?
  • what was I thinking and feeling – how did I behave?
  • what can I learn from this?
  • how and when will I apply this learning?

I urge you to try it, on both the good and the bad experiences. Reflective Learning helps us to capture our learning, view experiences in a positive way and to develop!

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