Choose The Right Coach For You

Coaching WiltshireWhen I talk to people about the provision of Coaching Services, many are concerned about how they select the best Coach for them.  Here’s my advice on how to go about making this important choice…


I think it’s unlikely that you will find your Coach via a search engine – speak to people you know and gather a list of possible coaches that you could talk to.

Look for a Coach who has an integrated approach to their work, one that’s flexible and not tied to a particular methodology.

Talk to them about how they contract with clients in the beginning – this is the most important of foundations in any Coaching relationship.

An effective Coaching assignment needs a strong level of rapport.  That’s not to say that it should always feel comfortable – as in all relationships, make sure that the chemistry is right.

Be curious about how the Coach approaches their ongoing personal development.  If they are to stretch you in your development, it feels only appropriate that they adopt the same rigour with themselves.

Ask how they approach the supervision of their Coaching Practice.  Do they have a supervisor or do they take part in peer supervision, for example.

I am a firm believer in Coaches being qualified, as I know how much my own Coaching Practice has developed through the qualification process (e.g. look out for qualifications, which hold the EMCC quality award).

Make sure they follow an ethical Coaching code.

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