The Challenger Spirit

Coaching WiltshireWith a quiet few days ahead of me and a cold wind outside, I decided to catch up on some reading. The luxury of sitting by the fire with a stimulating read has been inspiring. Must do this more (note to self!).

My chosen book was The Challenger Spirit, by Khurshed Dehnugara and Claire Genkai Breeze. This is a book about organisations and individuals that disturb the Status Quo.

Tim Smit KBE, co founder and CEO of the Eden project said this about the book:

“I enjoyed this book, was stimulated, amused and provoked by it. Considering most other business books are not only badly written, but set themselves up as second rate Bibles, I applaud this work. It is a Bible for the flawed but willing. And a record of how these vices can be turned into virtues for the benefit of millions of people”

For me, the book brought together many strands that are ‘taking my interest’ just now. One in particular is the concept of finding meaning and purpose in our work. When a leader is able to describe their own meaning and purpose to his or her team, and takes time to understand the perspective of others, a powerful alchemy takes place. This conversation, this expression of what matters to people is a bedrock for the formation of honest and true relationships. This really isn’t about having a set of ‘cheesy’ values; statements that no-one would or could ever disagree with, this is about speaking and indeed acting from the heart. Having that powerful guiding sense of purpose will help a leader to ride the storms as well as surf the waves of success. Isn’t this what authentic leadership is all about?

I love the way this book guides the reader through the concepts of inner work and outer work. The inner work is about the reader. The questions which Khurshed and Claire pose are challenging invitations to dig a little deeper into ourselves and a challenge to wake up, to gain a new perspective, to change our routines for the benefit of many. It is a powerful coaching journey!

This book has challenged my own thinking and I am proud to recommend it to you and those that I work with.

Give it a go….. The Challenger Spirit


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